Embracing Tradition for a Better Future


American Standard Hemp Co.

We are a service provider for hemp and by products located on the Western slopes of Colorado. Our philosophy is aimed at maximizing every usable aspect of the cannabis sativa L plant to benefit everyone. Through discipline and years of research, we are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art practices to cultivate, handle, and extract the finest of what this plant has to offer.

Hemp Marketplace

Growers, buyers, and processors are using our online marketplace to buy and sell hemp and hemp related products and services including distillates and isolates.

Our Services

We provide general performance of administrative and physical functions associated with storage, processing and shipping of hemp and hemp related products. These functions include receipt, identification, inspection, verification, putting away, retrieval for issue, extraction, and brokerage services. All of this is done in our climate controlled, secure warehouse in Grand Junction.